Coffee Craze

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Coffee Craze

Chloe Schliffka

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One thing teenagers don’t lie about is the essential nature of coffee. Some people drink it for the caffeine to keep themselves awake through the long mornings, or sometimes just to add a pep in their step after school. Many people also get coffee and use the opportunity as a social gathering. Whatever it is, it has many teens hooked. Now, anyone new to high school might not understand the hype, but after trying any of these easily accessible places around town, you will too become absorbed in the world of coffee. 

Let’s start off with the place conveniently down the street from our school: Dunkin’ Donuts. Not only is the price affordable, but the coffee and food is quality. On an early morning with zero hour, it is the perfect place to stop for a quick pumpkin spice coffee. Even on a delayed start morning, it is a hangout to grab breakfast and a coffee to go. 

Next is the one and only, legendary, Starbucks. The best part of Starbucks is that you can find them almost anywhere: in a corner of a store, in the mall, and on the main road, so it’s a very reliable spot to grab a quick drink. The variety there is incomparable, with at least 87,000 different combinations. I can guarantee you will find your prime choice of coffee there. 

If you want to avoid the big chains, you might want to try The Grounded Coffee Bar in Frankfort. This place is perfect for late study nights, with its calming decor and equally superior beverages. Whether you’re craving their iced chai tea or oat milk latte, there’s something for you.

Last, but definitely not least, is the cafe sharing the building with the New Lenox Public Library. Just 4 U Cafe is the ideal place to go, especially after a school day when you are on your way to work on homework at the library. Luckily, this place understands our need for coffee, so prices are as reasonable as they come. They also offer the perfect place just to sit and relax while you catch up on your reading or study for an upcoming test. Between its convenience and coffee, this is a marvelous place to stop by.

At the beginning of the year, coffee may not seem as essential, but when finals roll along, you’ll be happy to have these places surrounding you. They’re here to offer the energizing support of coffee that students need.

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