The Mind of a Chess Player

The Mind of a Chess Player

Tristan Minarik 

I’ve played chess since grade school, and I have had the privilege of qualifying for the IHSA State Chess Tournament for the past 4 years. Chess is a mind game that teaches many interesting lessons and is quite an enjoyable game of strategy.

Chess is a big puzzle that is constantly changing. Like life, chess can throw some unexpected turns. Often tactics won’t go as planned, or your opponent might make some unexpected moves. Like life, you must learn to adapt and improvise. Often, I take a lot of time before I think of a move. I adapt and change my plan and carefully craft a solution.

Also, chess has taught me to never give up. I’ve played games where I have made a mistake and lose material and pieces. Often it might seem like surrendering or giving in is probable, but I do not. I always finish what I start. And often, through perseverance and patience, I triumph. Giving up may seem easy, but you must stay strong and never give up. Only then will you achieve your goals.

Finally, chess has many different pieces. Personally, my favorite pieces are the bishops. They are often forgotten but will attack when least expected. While a piece alone may be insignificant, together they can accomplish wonders. Like life, you cannot do everything alone. There is always someone who is willing to help. Together you can accomplish anything.

It has been a privilege and joy to play chess throughout my high school career. Chess has taught me many life lessons: patience, perseverance, and adaptation among them. I hope to continue playing and learn new things in life. As one door closes, another opens, bringing new opportunities and adventures.

If you ever have the opportunity, play a game of chess. You might learn something new or something about yourself. Always be open to new things.