Involved = Impact

“If we never try, we shall never succeed”- Abraham Lincoln


Rachel Mitchell

As a senior, I find myself looking back at these past few years as a high schooler. Being involved, no matter the year, was an important goal that I had for myself. As a freshman it could be overwhelming being in a new school atmosphere, but to prevent this from happening I decided to join multiple clubs to get involved and to make new friends. To this day, the friends I made in the various clubs I participated in are still my closest friends. Being involved set me up for success in the future. It not only benefitted my high school experience, but it also gave me the courage to apply for the leadership positions that I currently hold. The clubs that I was involved in made a positive impact on my experience in high school. Some even guided me on my decision for my future career. Being in these clubs helped me grow my school spirit and motivated me to try even harder in my academics. If I could give advice to underclassmen, I would recommend getting involved in either a sport or club. They will positively make an impact on your high school experience.