Girls’ Cross Country: Going the Extra Mile

Elise Champlin

Cross country has been going pretty well this year, as we have had some top finishes in all three invites we have participated in so far. The training has been rigorous, as it should be. Our typical week of practice includes a distance run on Monday, a speed workout Tuesday, a recovery distance run Wednesday, speed workout number two on Thursday, recovery on Friday, and a race on Saturday. One of our team goals is to place at the Southwest Suburban Conference meet early October. While we have team goals, the interesting thing about cross country is that many goals are individual. We are an all-inclusive sport and enjoy praising anyone on the team who receives a personal record (PR), whether it be eighteen minutes or twenty nine minutes. Although it is different for each runner on the team, I have been running for enjoyment since fifth grade but competitively since sixth. I enjoy the sport mainly because of the team comrade that comes along with it. While it is always nice to run fast, at the end of the day, the memories from each year are what stick in my head.