Book Review: The Sign Upon his Head by Elaine Printy

Rebekah Hafner

“The king unwraps the first and smiles. A beautiful, strong baby boy with hair like the heir of the sun. He eagerly turns to the second child, gently pushing back the swaddling cloth, but suddenly the warrior gasped in horror. The babe was unlike his twin, but with one deadly attribute. His head is adorned with a dark mass of black hair. He is a spawn of darkness—one of the accursed…”

In the kingdom of Doloria, people with black hair are thought to be accursed. When twin boys are found, one of them the accursed, the king seeks to hide him. But one fateful day, the boy, Evenon, is discovered and is forced to run from his home. Along with his brother, Draden, they embark on a journey to save their kingdom.

The Sign Upon His Head is an enchanting story about twin brothers coming together to protect each other and their home. This story is truly enriching, with daring sword fights, romance, and adventure. The story sucks a reader in from the first page, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Evenon and Draden struggle to save their kingdom from the man who usurped the throne. They wish to free their people from his cruel hand and take back what rightfully belongs to them. Will they succeed? Will they survive? Will they free themselves and their people? Read The Sign Upon His Head by Elaine Printy to find out.