Pumping Up the Crowd: An Interview with Westly the Warrior

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Pumping Up the Crowd: An Interview with Westly the Warrior

Corey Zamora

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What is it like to pump up the crowd for a big event, like a pep assembly or a football game?

You know, students love to see me and I love seeing them as well. We all know that West is best and getting the crowd pumped up is one of the highlights of my night. Although all the Lincoln-Way schools are special in their own ways, we really stand out from all of them. What side? West side!

Do you ever hang out with other mascots, like the Knight from Central or Yugo from East?

Of course! It’s often a common misconception that all the mascots fight, but we all get along very well. In fact, there was a back-to-school event in the Frankfort area, and all of us really enjoyed being with each another. We took pictures, said “Hi” to everyone, and danced till we couldn’t move anymore.

What is your favorite thing about LWW?

Some of my favorite things are the sporting events and the assemblies. They definitely are very memorable moments because there’s a ton of variety at each event. Every student is different, but they all love to see the Warrior in person. The assemblies are always great to be at because I love seeing the students’ faces for each of the fun, memorable, and active events.

What have been some of your favorite moments from the past ten years at West?

Now, there are a ton of momentous moments at West that I can list, but in celebrating my 10th birthday this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about our opening day: August 18th, 2009. I will never forget seeing the new students and staff, and walking into such a beautiful building. There was a world of possibility before us, of everything that West could become. And we have done so much more than I ever dreamed possible in the last decade. I cannot wait to see what the next decade holds.