Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Stella Coughlin

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Legacy of Orïsha (Part 1)

Length: 544 pages

Out of 5 stars: 4/5

You would like this book if you liked: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, How It Went Down, or Shadowshaper

This book is on the Read For a Lifetime challenge list and has a sequel coming out this December.

Summary (no spoilers!):

Tomi Adeyemi’s debut novel takes place in the fictional land of Orïsha, where Zélie and her brother Tzain live with their father.  Zélie faces constant discrimination everyday due to her white hair. It lets everyone knows she has the potential for magic, which is known as a diviner, just like her late mother. Orïsha used to be home to diviners and magis alike who had the power to possess magic, but after the King of Orïsha set out on a mission to get rid of magic forever by killing all magis, the idea of magic ever coming back seemed impossible. So, when Zélie meets someone who has the potential to bring it back, she sets out to fight a whole monarchy.


I thoroughly enjoyed Children of Blood and Bone. Even though it is over 500 pages, it didn’t feel long at all. The characters and their struggles are relatable and easy to understand. The multiple perspectives allow readers to understand what almost everyone in the group is thinking. The book has everything; fantasy, magic, action, romance, conflict, and suspense, which makes it entertaining to read. Adeyemi’s book is emotional and full of constant struggle that the characters must overcome to succeed. Overall, I liked reading her book, and I would recommend it.