An Open Letter to the Freshmen

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Dear Freshmen, 

Congratulations!  You’ve finally graduated eighth grade and are now moving onto a new chapter in life.  It might seem scary or daunting right now, but all the awkward moments of getting lost or answering a question wrong are so worth it for the experience.  So many times the things I have been most nervous to do have been the most fun and rewarding. For example, last year during homecoming week I wanted to dress up as Dorothy for Twister Tuesday, but I was so incredibly nervous.  I showed up to school and almost no one was dressed up that day, but I had so much fun and made so many people smile. So even if it might be a little nerve-racking, it’s worth it to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.  Also, take every opportunity to make your school day better, especially by dressing up for spirit days. Why wouldn’t you want to wear pajamas or wear cool, crazy outfits to school?  

I’m sure right now everyone is asking you how high school is, but before you know it they’ll be asking what you’re going to do for the rest of your life or where you are going to college.  The time flies by; it seemed like senior year would never come, but now that I’m here it feels like just yesterday I was walking in for my first day of school. As the end of high school draws closer and closer, I keep thinking back over the last three years.  The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, all the fun memories, but I also can’t help but dwell on all the what if’s. I don’t want you to have to wonder how high school could have gone when you are where I am right now. So although it’s a cliche, live with no regrets.  Instead of staying in and binge-watching Netflix, compete in the Homecoming Olympics, go to the dances, support West football under the Friday night lights, or get together with friends to study for finals.

Speaking of finals, you can’t forget that high school is also about learning.  The best way to get the most out of the school day is to make sure to get enough sleep; the day is so much more enjoyable when you’re actually awake. School does not have to be boring! Talk with your friends and form study groups, so you can have fun and hang out while still getting your schoolwork done.  This is just one example of how to spice up getting homework done, but  there are tons of learning opportunities every day.

Remember, one bad day is just that, one bad day. Make the best out of everything. I wish you luck for the next four years and hope you enjoy your time at West as much as I have!

Best wishes,
Ellie DeGroot