25 Things to Miss About West


Matt Mikos, Staff Writer

This will likely be the last time you will see any of my writing in the West Gazette. As my time and many other seniors’ time at Lincoln-Way comes to an end, I want to look back at the things that made it worth going here for the past four years. I surveyed my fellow seniors on what they will miss, and these were their responses. Originally this was meant to be 50 different things, but I then came to the realization that it would just feel like another list. The responses have been edited for clarity and brevity’s sake, and the identities of the respondents will be kept anonymous. The 25 things to miss about Lincoln-Way West are:

– The administrative staff

– Our librarians

– Our favorite teachers

– Hanging out before school

– The lunchroom

– The lunch food

– The hallways

– Free Fridays with Friends

– Homecoming

– Homecoming Olympics

– The Winter Dance

– The myriad of theater programs

– Friday night football games

– The sports offered at West

– Music in the library on Fridays

– Library advisory

– Sporting events

– The calm before school

– Making it to Winter break

– Making it to spring break

– Pep rallies

– Craft days in the library and the craft room

– Hearing the fight song over the speakers every Friday

-The daily atmosphere

You may have been paying attention and thought to yourself, “Wait!  There are only 24 items on this list! We were promised 25!” That is indeed correct. There was still one more person that needed to respond to that question. I still have to provide my response. So, what will I miss about my time at Lincoln-Way West? My answer to put it simply: the people. It has truly been an experience sharing the school with all of you for the past four years. I have met people I now regard as family. And as I write this for the last time, I must say one thing to all of you; Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.