Choose Guitar Studio


Nickolas Gonzalez, Guest Writer

Lincoln Way’s guitar program is a great choice for creative minded individuals that are interested in playing an instrument. There are three classes.  The first two classes are Guitar 1 and 2, where students learn basic guitar technique, the notes on the guitar, scales, chords, etc. Guitar studio places more focus on playing concert music with a group, which is an important skill when learning any instrument. I played guitar for about a year before I enrolled in Guitar one as a Junior. I tried to teach myself by watching videos online. Through my experience, I found the problem was that I did not have any material to practice consistently. “Practice,” to me, was learning how to play some riff from a video on YouTube and then moving on to the next fancy trick or technique. Mr. Jackson does a great job of drilling material into our heads. And it works wonderfully. Before each concert, the songs we learn are down. At times, I feel frustrated.  However, I do believe it is important to embrace frustration when learning anything.  Power through it. The brain tells your mind, “This is important!” It makes what you are learning a priority. All that aside, the class is a lot of fun. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The picture I painted may seem mundane. But learning Guitar from Mr. Jackson is far from it. There have been plenty of moments when I couldn’t breathe from laughing at some strange noise somebody made on a guitar or something someone said. I am so grateful that the school offers a guitar program where you can share a passion for music with your class. As a senior, I must say this is something I will miss the most after graduating high school.