Pet of the Week – Dixie

Pet of the Week - Dixie

Mrs. Luttrell

This is Dixie.  She is a four-year-old brindled boxer. She is really sweet and a part of our family. She loves to go for walks in the park and the trail by our house. Dixie does a lot of tricks such as sit, shake, high five, speak, stay, and the pop-out pup. We’ve had Dixie since she was a puppy. She loves running around in our back yard and playing with her toys. She loves to throw her bone around and then go find it, and loves playing fetch with her squeaky.  Dixie loves to get socks and run around with them in her mouth. She thinks it is a game and runs away with them. I think she thinks it is funny when she takes them and then I tell her “Is that yours?”, and she runs to her cage with the socks. The only thing Dixie doesn’t like is our pool.  She hates it when people splash her and runs away. It’s funny to watch and I think she likes the game. Dixie definitely keeps us on our toes and I really don’t know what we would do without our fur baby Dixie.  She’s the best!!