Library 3D Printing 


Noah Stamborski

The 3D printer program started in library orientation when for a split second I heard that the school had a 3D printer. I ,at that point, had wanted to use a 3D printer for some time, so the next day I asked Mrs. Bromann-Bender about the 3D printer! She said I could take a look, and many hours of work later I have managed to get this printing program in the background of my schedule spending at minimum 20 minutes each day working! Simply my goal was providing a service to the community, which was 3D printing and improving education! 

By most models of education, you have visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.  One of my goals was to provide the teachers with accurate and cheap kinesthetic models that before this program they wouldn’t have the ability to create, such as viruses and DNA, or even English and reading stories like Phineas Gage. Now students could be more engaged in their studies, and I’ve noticed how the whole school could benefit either in big ways or small ways from this program! For example, in the library previously there was no reward for the coloring contest except for candy and your name being said in the announcements.  Now we are 3D printing trophies with their names! This drastic change will encourage many students to engage in academic activities.  Students can also print, with some small school rules, almost anything from statues to catapults.  Even I am printing CO2 Powered cars!  

However, like all school programs, it relies on your support. I need a consistent request of prints to ensure that this program is in fact drawing attention, so we can allocate the correct amount of funding towards it.  Prints are all free, and I print everything and clean all the parts.  All you need to do is request the part! Thank you for your supporting both helping the program, and me pursuing my own ambitions! 

Submit your request here.