West Theater Presents The Snow-White Variety Show


Gavin O'Keefe

  Wests theater company recently put on the fall production of “The Snow-White Variety Show”, and some could say that it was amazing. The show takes place on a talk show hosted by Heidi Perbole, and the guests that she invites on her talk show are the 7 dwarfs (Wordy, Nerdy, Rowdy, Howdy, Weepy, Creepy, and Bob) and a surprise guest, the real Snow White. She invites them because she wants the world to know the story of Snow White. With the help of the fairytale players, who are actors that help portray the story, we get to see how interesting her story is, because it’s a little bit different than how it is in the fairytale we all know and love. To make the show more realistic, like it was an actual talk show, there were fairytale-based commercials, which added to the whole show. Even though the show had only a month to put it all together, the incredible cast worked really hard to make sure the show was perfect. This show and experience brought many new smiling faces to the LWW stage, and even though there were some bumps here and there with the show, the cast showed how teamwork, dedication, kindness, and hard work can lead to a fantastic show. This was definitely a show for the record books.