Messages to Barb

Messages to Barb

Have a nice retirement! –Nicholas Zekas

Barb, you are awesome! Thank you so much for what you did for us. You probably don’t remember me, but I never had my ID. Thank you, Barb, and we wish you the best retirement! –Josh Cagwin

I will miss when you always greet me every morning and in my 4a lunch. Thank you for all your loving attitude and support and great humor. –Michael Taylor

Thank you for always being so kind to me and everyone in line. You’re never not happy and continue to put a smile on our faces. –Tyler Adair

Thank you so much for being my favorite lunch lady! –Leala LePes

Hi, Barb! Sometimes I’ll be having really bad days, and you genuinely make them better. I wish you the best retirement, and we will all miss you. ❤️ –Joey Roedl

I will miss you, Barb! You’re the best lunch lady I have ever known. No one will ever replace you! –Ethan Jordan

You’re my favorite, Barb. I’m gonna miss you so much. –Bella Landefeld

Thank you for making lunch feel a little more special by knowing mine and other people’s names. Thank you for everything. –Gabriel Pacheco

I will miss you, Barb! You are the best lunch lady! –Giana Bancsy

You were the best lunch lady! –Seth Cagwin

Hi, Barb! I’m really going to miss you–and just to let you know, no one will replace you. –Mohammed Hussein

Thank you for being an amazing lunch lady. –Mikey Carter

Thank you for serving me and making my lunches so much better! –Emma Haegele

I hope you enjoy your retirement. We will miss you. –Brooke Ashley

I’ll miss you, Barb! You always were kind with the compliments. –Nina Howe

Hi, Barb! I’m going to miss you. Your are the best lunch lady I’ve ever had! –Christian Frost

Hey, Barb–I hope you enjoy your retirement. You’re the best lunch lady. You’re very nice. Thank you! –Kyle Chapman

Thanks for all that you do for everyone. You are the best lunch lady ever! Everyone will miss you. –Sarah Kampenga

I will miss you very much, Barb; you always make lunch way better with your compliments! Thank you! –Logan Creger

You are such an amazing person. You’ve made my first year at West something to remember. –Jenna Murino

You are the best lunch lady I ever met in my 9 years of school. No one will ever match the kindness you had to everyone. –Jake Rakoczy

Thank you for being the best lunch lady a high school could ask for! Your positivity and cheerfulness makes every day better. Everyone at West appreciates how hard you work. You shine, Barb. Have an amazing retirement–you deserve it! –Abigail Sims

Barb, I feel so incredibly lucky to have met you! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me while I’m getting my lunch.  You’re an amazing person with an amazing personality! I wish you the best! –Addy Griffith

Hi, Barb! I’ve only known you for a year, but you always put a smile on my face during lunch💞We all appreciate you so much and wish you weren’t leaving! We will miss you and wish you the best. Thank you so much for everything. You have such a sweet soul. –Ariana Palella

You can never be sad when Barb talks to you at lunch. –Jack Urbanczyk

It amazed me how you always knew everyone’s names even though there are hundreds of students at LWW and how you always come in with a smile and being happy. –Anonymous

Thanks for being a good lunch lady and making my day better! –Colin Meadows

BARB! Everyone at West loves you, Barb! You’re the reason I’m in a good mood every morning because you always go out of your way, and you ask how we are and are always smiling! I love seeing you in the morning and in lunch! It’s not going to be the same for the last two years with out you. I’m going to miss you so much! Have fun in retirement, Barb! –Alex Bergeron

I’m going to miss your jokes, kind words…and most importantly, you! Have a good retirement! –Shane McHale

Thank you for making lunch amazing each day. Your jokes and kindness were always appreciated! –Brooke Hesser

Have a good retirement. You were a real one. –Aidan Kannenberg

Have a good retirement! –Ryan Baird

You always are kind and respectful to to all the students. You are respected and will be missed. –Lukas Spetz

Hey, Barb, thank you for always being so positive and friendly. You always put a smile on my face when I talk to you. You will be missed by every single person in this school. Thank you! –Jake Kinsella

You’re the best lunch lady–for real. –Jackson Bartke

Barb! You always say “good morning” every time I buy my morning ice cream, or Gatorade, or donuts for my friends. It always brightens my day. You always go out of your way to make sure kids have a good day, and you’re always smiling while doing it. All of us at west will miss you. West will not be the same without you! Thank you, Barb, for always making my day along with other students days! —Blade Carey

Barb, thank you for always being so friendly and positive. You always put a smile on my face when I talk to you. You will be missed by every single person in this school. You are the real one, Barb. Thanks again. –Garry McDermott

Thank you, Barb, for everything you’ve done for this school and for its students. Serving every day with a smile made lunch a time to always look forward to! –Aleah Keating

You were always a friendly face in a crowded room of unfamiliar faces. You make everyone feel special and help anyone that you can. You are the sweetest person, and I wish nothing for the best for you once you retire! Thank you for making so many different memories with many different people. –Evelyn Orellana

Thank you for four years of wonderful service. You are the under-appreciated backbone of our school, feeding all the kids and providing for faculty as well. Your kindness is inspiring, and I know myself and others aspire to be as good a person as you. Thank you for everything; I wouldn’t want to graduate with anyone else! –Leah Hamilton

Thank you for brightening up everyone’s day with your kindness! –Zoey Trout

I always look forward to seeing you in the lunch room and you asking me how my day was. You really know how to brighten my day and I hope your retirement is great! –Carter Stiglic

I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving. I’m going to miss you. I hope you have a great retirement! –Trevor Hon

Thank you for making my lunch more enjoyable for 4 years. You always knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face. I’m going to miss you, Barb. Stay kind. –Will Brandau

Thank you for being a friend to us all! –Myles McClelland

Thank you, Barb, for making my day every day. You stick up for the little guy (our seriously messy table and pulling the mom guilt) and support the music program. I’m going to miss your jokes and motivating talks. Thank you for everything. –Abbey Soper

You make lunch so much better and fun. –Maddie Marshall

Dear Barb, I hope you have the most amazing time as you end your journey at Lincoln Way West. I am so grateful that I got to spend my four years at West with you in the lunch room. You gave West a light of joy to all students who got the chance to meet you. Safe travels as you start the next chapter of your life. –-Daniel Gervase

Please don’t go. –Ryan Cercone

You are the best lunch lady I have ever had. You are like a 2nd mom. You are the best lunch lady ever! I wish you a great and happy retirement, and I hope you have an amazing day. –Blake McKay

Don’t leave! –Chase Hetfleisch

Barb, you have been the best and the nicest lunch lady I have ever had. –Bready Layug

Barb is da bomb! –Brayden Parisi

We love you, Barb! Everyone I know loves the hard work you put in and the attitude you have while doing it. You really do put a smile on my face; we’re going to miss you very very much! –Peyton Harvey

You were the reason I ate food freshman year because I was too embarrassed to walk up, and you offered it to me. I thank you for that very much. You were so nice to me and everyone else. You made my sophomore and freshman year so much better. –Matthew Lyles

You are so sweet and nice, and I am going to miss you so much! –Alexis Hora

Thank you for always being so kind. –Natalya Villegas

Thank you for lunch everyday! We will miss you! –Kyleigh Soderborg

Barb is a friend to everyone and never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. She is so kind and compassionate and will definitely leave a hole in Lincoln-Way West. –Sawyer Dyrcon

Barb you’re a real one. –Evan Bonnema

Barb, have a good life outside West! –Kyle Gyllstrom

Thank you for being amazing. –Grace O’Brien

You are the best lunch lady and overall adult in the building. You will be missed. –Connor Jaral

Barb,you were my favorite lunch lady. –Jack Geatches

You are always so positive and kind, and I appreciate all you do for us! –Julia Meadows

I’m going to miss you so much, Barb! Thank you for being one of the nicest staff members and making my mornings better when I’m buying food. 💕 –Kylie Kwidzinski

Barb, you are the best lunch lady. –Vinny Anders

Thank you for brightening my day whenever I stopped in during lunch! I hope you enjoyed your years at West. –Avery Montes

You make everyone’s day with all the nice comments every day and telling everyone to have a good day! –-Marie DeSilva

Thank you for being so nice to everyone! —Alesandra Dambrauskas

We’ll miss you very much and the little talks we’d have. Thank you for putting up with all the food me and my friends would get in the line and not getting mad at us for taking too long to decide what to get. We’ll miss you. –-Olivia Ledvina

I love you, Barb! ❤️ –Cecilia Wilczek

#welovebarb –Jacob Leonard

Thank you so much for everything you do for everyone here at LWW. Your kind words and humor make everyone smile in lunch room and make so many kids’ days. We all appreciate you so much. We are going to miss you. –Madi Lukasik

I love going to lunch and knowing Mrs. Barb will be there to make everyone’s day better. I could speak for everyone when I say that Mrs. Barb’s happiness is contagious, and we will miss her dearly when we buy our lunches next year. –Riley O’Neill

Thanks to the best lunch lady for making everyone feel happy. –Colin McCarty

Thank you for always being positive and making my day so much better! We will all miss you so much! —Ellah Wereski

You are great at what you do. You will be missed! Thank you! –Shane Skrbec

You are a great lunch lady; we will all miss you! —Megan Guedel

I’m going to miss you. Please stay. –Brianna Barbosa

I’m going to miss you at lunch, Barb! –Maddy Baranski

You will be missed. You’re my favorite person to see in the whole day. Have fun in the future. —Eli Bach

You’re the best lunch lady ever! Thank you for all the kind things you say every day. We all will miss you, Barb. –Megan Harbin

Thanks for being awesome! –Keith Nebel

We’re going to miss all your positive energy in the lunch room. Have a great retirement! –Jackson Okon

Thank you for everything you have done and making students have so much fun during lunch. You will be missed so much! —Lauren Montgomery

Enjoy your retirement! Thank you for being such a cheerful person. You’re the best lunch lady I’ve ever met. –Matt Grala

Thank you for making my lunch days so much better. You are the nicest lunch lady I have ever met. Thank you for your work and happy retirement! –Briar Zimmerman

Wishing you a good retirement —Matt Valente

Barb! I’m already so sad thinking you’re going to be gone next year! You’re the reason I love coming to school every day! I’m going to miss you! —Kaylee Schultz

I never felt like a scared freshman when Barb was there every morning. I took zero hour freshman and sophomore year, and every morning my friends and I would stop by to say hello to Barb. She would test her daily jokes on us to make sure they were good; they always were. I don’t think Barb could make a joke that wasn’t worth at least a few laughs. With all the craziness of last year, the one thing that never changed was Barb’s ability to make everyone’s day better. Every time I see her, she says, “Kyler, my friend, how are you doing?” in the most upbeat tone. No matter how I’m actually doing, seeing Barb always leaves me smiling. I still cannot believe that she won’t be there for my senior year. I wish she could be the one to give me my diploma and a cookie next year, but I do wish her a wonderful retirement full of fun camping trips. She will be missed by all. Barb’s shoes are not filled easily. —Kyler Smaga

You are the best lunch lady. —Brayden Mennite

Barb, you are the G.O.A.T. You are the best. –-Spencer Thompson

Thank you Barb! I love you! —Cameron Kasper

I hope you have a great retirement. I’m going to miss you! —Grace Proff

You’re literally the sweetest person I have ever met. Every morning is a better morning when you talk to me when I’m getting a drink. You’re the best lunch lady I have ever met and you never have an attitude. I’m gonna miss you next year. Keep the positivity, Barb, because everyone deserves to see the smile that’s on your face everyday no matter your mood. —Patricia Dempsey

You’ve been a real one. Respect on your name. —Standa Kostik

You’ve been a real one since we were are all freshmen. We’re all going to miss you, and no one will be able to replace you. –-Nick Evans

Hey, Barb you were the best cafeteria lady ever! We’re both retiring the same year 😉. Love ya, Barb. Have the best retirement ever! —Olivia Gonda

Barb, you’re my favorite person ever. I love you. You’re going out with the best year! —Ainsley Joynt

Hey, Barb! I just wanted to let you know that you are and will forever be the BEST lunch lady I have never had! I want to wish you the best in the future! —Aubree Schultz

You are one of the nicest lunch ladies I know, and I am going to miss you a lot. I’m going to miss seeing you in the mornings and during lunch. Thank you for being an amazing person and friend! –-Emma DeCramer

You’re the best reason to come to school, and you make every morning great and help wake me up. Have a wonderful retirement; you deserve it. 😁 —Anthony Dickerson

Thank you, Barb, for everything you’ve done! From simply checking out my lunch to playing games in pep assemblies, you have always made people smile, laugh and enjoy their experience at this school. —Luke Storako

Thanks, Barb, for everything–you’ve been amazing! –Tyler Hurst

I will miss you! Keep being you! Thank you for everything. –-Eric Nowak

Barb, I love you! You were the nicest person I’ve ever met! I always looked forward to coming into lunch just to get my card scanned by you. I hope your retirement brings you something to look forward to! You deserve a break. Thank you for everything you did for us at the best Lincoln-Way there is! Go warriors! —Natalie Sciackitano

Thank you, Barb, for everything you’ve done! We’ll miss you lots, and I appreciate seeing you every day at lunch. You make my day, and you’re so sweet. —Samantha Bagang

You’re a beast, Barb. —Jack Linko

We’re all gonna miss you so so so so so so much! —Ivy Collins

Thank you so much for making lunch fun for me and Molly last year! You made me feel so welcome. I can’t thank you enough, and I hope you have an amazing time traveling with your husband! —C.J. Vece

Hi, Barb! It’s been awesome having the privilege to see you during lunch everyday! You’ve worked so, so hard every year to make the most delicious cookies for everyone, so you’ve more than earned some relaxation. I’ll cherish these last days I’m able to see you and I hope each one is fantastic! —Addie Daugherty

Hi, Barb! I’m one of those 3 girls from “The Gang” (You know, we come in, buy two Gatorades, three Pop Tarts, and like eight candies like everyday 👀). On behalf of all three of us: thanks so much for checking us out every day, and we’ll all miss you next year, but we hope you enjoy you’re retirement. ☺️ —Lilly Thomas

Thank you for always being kind and making my school days so much better! –Audrey Muniz