Messages to Dr. Schmitt

Messages to Dr. Schmitt

Hey, Dr. Schmitt, I hope you like retirement! Everyone at Lincoln-Way West will miss you! –Sean Cabeen

Hi, Dr.Schmitt! I’m really going to miss you, especially since it’s my first year of school, but I really hope you’re enjoy your time with family. –Mohammed Hussein

I hope you enjoy retirement. We will miss you. —Brooke Ashley

Thank you for your time here. —Emma Haegele

You treated this school great; I’m going to miss you. –Bella Landefeld

No one will ever be the principal you were. –Jake Rakoczy

Thank you for being an amazing principal. —Mikey Carter

You are definitely one of the best principals out there! Everyone that I’ve talked to (and I) agree that you genuinely care about your students! You were never too busy for any of us, and you always did the right thing. We were lucky to have you, and we’ll miss you! Make sure to come back every once and a while, so that we can see those famed orange boots! I wish you the best in your retirement. Thanks! –Nolan Adam

Thank you for making Lincoln-Way West such an amazing safe environment! I look forward to school thanks to you; we will all miss you! —Brooke Hesser

Have a good retirement! –Aidan Kannenberg

You inspire me to work harder and push through all the challenges that being a student presents me with! –Kamrin Reniguntala

Hope you have a good retirement! Thanks for helping me with anything. —Ryan Baird

Thank you for a great 2 years. Have fun in retirement! –Jackson Bartke

I hope you find good use for your orange go-go boots in retirement! –Zoey Trout

Thank you for making our experiences at West the best they could possibly be! –Myles McClelland

I have never really talked to you, but whenever I see you in the hallway, I say hi and it always gives me a great smile. Have a great retirement and a good summer! –Blake McKay

You’re the best. –Bready Layug

Thanks for being a cool principal. —Keith Nebel

Thank you for being an amazing principal and always making the school and fun and safe place. The school has so much pride in all that we do because of you. –Morgan Sallese

Great job on your hard work. It paid off in the end. Thank you so much. Congratulations! –Luke Trusty

You did an amazing job! –Megan Guedel

Have a good retirement! –Alexander Poholik

Thank you for keeping West safe and a great organized place to come to school! Your spirit makes the place better knowing that our principal supports us just as much as we love this school! Happy retirement! –Briar Zimmerman

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this school! –Colin McCarty

Thank you for everything you have done for this school and the students. You will be missed so much! –Lauren Montgomery

You were a great principal–thanks for being cool. –Aidan Good

I remember at the beginning of the year, at the freshman pep rally, you seemed so sweet and a wonderful principal! –Riley O’Neill

Thank you for being principal of this incredible school! You are an incredible principal, and I am going to miss you. –Emma DeCramer

Dear Dr. Schmitt, I will never forget you! You are the best principal I’ve ever had. You have taught Lincoln-Way West positive attributes of kindness, responsibility, fashion, and respect. This school will always be my second home. I hope you still continue to wear orange and black and fight for the one and only Lincoln-Way West. GO WARRIORS! –Natalie Sciackitano

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the past 13 years! You will always have a special place at LWW. 🧡🖤🤍 –Leah Young