Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Emmah Bouchari

As we turn the corner towards the end of the school year, there is a lot to be thinking about. From seniors preparing for life after high school to freshmen reflecting on their experience as high schoolers for the first time. High school harbors some of the best times and memories one may experience throughout their life. While it is school and ultimately a place to learn, it’s also a time where you find yourself, and where your place is in this world.

It’s important to stay clear in reflection on the person you have become during this year, socially, emotionally, and educationally. To grow as a human, reflection is a very important aspect. Looking back on grades, test scores, memories, and experiences is a great way of digesting what you have done this year. It’s important to then look back on that and make notes or changes on what you choose. There may be some things you think you have succeeded in very well, but there will always be room for you to grow. Comparing who you were, and who you have become is a great strategy for growth, as well. Being a teenager is an emotional roller-coaster. It being the end of the year at this time is perfect for you to see who you were, who you have become, and who you choose to be for the future.

These are all necessary thoughts, but it’s also a time for moving forward. Seniors are moving towards a new chapter of their lives, and freshmen are preparing to step into new responsibilities during their sophomore year. Looking back in reflection is important, but it can also halt you from moving forward. On an emotional level, overthinking at this age is a common factor in a lot of stress associated with being a high schooler. During these years everyone is finding their direction, and ultimately moving backward isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s important to take what you have experienced, reflect, and decide how you will use that knowledge in the future. Staying motivated and having trust in the process is all one can do during this time of reflection and progression.

It being the end of the year is something to be excited about! Everyone is going through different experiences always, but most importantly during these times of change. Help one another, and soak in every experience you can because you are only in high school once. The strategy of looking back and moving forward will apply to you for the rest of your life. Just remember that if you focus on what’s left behind, you’ll never be able to see what lies ahead.