Ice Cream Near and Far

Ice Cream Near and Far

Sophia Rusch

Cravings for Kilwins 

Over spring break my family and I drove down to Orange Beach, Alabama. We had multiple ice cream stops during our stay and one of them was at Kilwins. My dad  ordered turtle cheesecake ice cream, and he rated it a 7/10. Then my oldest sister, Savanna, ordered lemon sorbet and rated it a 7/10. My mom; my other sister, Olivia; and I all ordered Kilwins’ tracks, which is similar to moose tracks, and we all rated it a 9/10. Overall, I loved my ice cream experience, not only because I was in sunny Alabama, but also because I got to enjoy ice cream with my family and got to hear everyone’s review.

Unfortunately, Olivia did not finish her ice cream cone, so she had to take the dreaded walk of shame to the garbage can. When we eat ice cream together, you have to finish your ice cream; if you don’t, you have to walk all the way to the garbage can and have a video taken of you throwing it away… embarrassing!

If you want to try Kilwins ice cream, there is one in downtown Naperville.

Pretty, Pretty Please with a Cherry-On-Top

The next place we went to in Orange Beach, Alabama, was called Cherry-On-Top. It was a little building and super packed inside. Olivia and I knew it would be a hit. After walking around to souvenir shops all night, we waited in a super long line until we finally got to order. Olivia ordered moose tracks and rated it an 8/10. I ordered mint chocolate chip and I rate it a 9/10. I’m glad Olivia and I decided to stop here even when no one else wanted to!

Sweet Cone Alabama 

My last ice cream stop on vacation was at Sweet Cone Alabama. We walked in and ordered right away. My dad ordered key lime pie and rated it a 9/10. Then Olivia ordered coconut chocolate almond and rated it a 9/10 . Lastly, I ordered chocolate chip cookie dough, and I rated it a 7/10. This shop was super cute inside and had candy to buy–I can’t wait to go back to Alabama!