Capture the Memories


Emmah Bouchari

Have you ever wondered what your parents were like when they were in high school? As many stories they may tell you and perhaps a glance at old yearbooks may show you, you may still wish they had more photos and pictures so you can truly capture the memories of your parents during their years in high school.

The idea of capturing memories is valuable for the entirety of your life, and–possibly–forever. A memory can become so much more than just a moment, all by the click of a button. That click can turn a really great day with your friends into a memory your children will see and laugh at years later. The world has opened to that in so many ways, whether it be through social media or technology. But some may say that “old” ways of taking photos are coming back in style just as much as they may have when they were your parents’ way of capturing memories. For example, the Polaroid camera was created in 1948 and now they trend online every year during Christmas, because almost every teenager has one on their Christmas list, putting them in such high demand. Who would have known that a product created in 1948 would be trending online? This, all because people wanted to use it for its original purpose of taking a memory you are living in and turning it into a tangible photo you can hold onto and pass down forever.

Another example of a way our generation is adapting to the idea of capturing memories forever is the sudden popularity of disposable cameras. Okay, so I’ll be honest, I love using my disposable cameras. Are they unreasonable in a sense that it takes about two weeks for you to actually get your photos? Yes. Does it eventually become a money pit because you have to keep re-buying these $15 cameras every time one runs out? Yes. Will I keep using them despite all their faults? Yes. It’s the almost vintage feel of the photos and the idea that I’ve distanced myself from my phone, but I can still take a fun picture with my friends that is something I love. It’s the process of going to the store and getting them developed that, while being very annoying, is still something that will always be so cool. And, at the end of the day, the photos always turn out so cute! Even modern technology has taken up the idea, and it’s an aesthetic to have vintage looking photos, so, they’ve created filters and apps. For example, the app Dispo is an app that you can download on your phone, take a photo on it, and then exactly 24 hours later your photo will come back through the app, looking like you took it on a real disposable camera. It keeps the vintage looking feel of the photo, and the experience of having to wait for your photos to develop. This app soared in popularity once people realized how cool it was to be able to share this experience with their friends through an app! Overall, the app has surpassed over 5 million downloads as of June 2021.

The tradition of saving moments, and capturing memories is a “trend” that will never vanish. It’s become human nature to want to share these moments with loved ones, or even keep them for yourself. Choosing to distance yourself from your phone doesn’t mean necessarily distancing yourself from having that ability to keep tangible memories. Taking photos is something that’s lived on for generations, even without social media. Knowing that will hand you memories that you will have and be able to give to others. The world is only taking that idea and running with it. So should you.