It Comes and Goes in Waves


Aleah Keating

The Lincoln-Way Winter Guard performed their winter show, “It Comes and Goes in Waves.” With restrictions due to COVID guidelines and limited practices, the color guard overcame it all and performed an outstanding show.

The director of Winter Guard, Ms. Tammy Kalivoda, gives her colorful explanation of the performance, “The audience can see the overarching theme of creating waves throughout the show by the movement created with the performers bodies, equipment, and drill. Like a high tide rolling in, the show starts small with dance and grows in speed and intensity as the performers introduce rifle and flag. We like to refer it as, ‘The calm before the storm.’  Overall, I think the viewers are in for a spectacular show despite the limited time we had to put it together.”

Doing winter guard during COVID has been unusual; however through teamwork and grit, the show must go on. Ms. Kalivoda shares the unique season this has been: “It’s been nice to get together, despite the pandemic, and create some sense of normalcy. Creating a show on the stage has been an interesting challenge (space-wise) but one we will always remember for the rest of our lives. A normal season usually runs about six months and these kids have come together to put a show together in just fourteen days. They all have grown so much this season–whether it was by learning to spin rifle, learn a new toss or how to memorize choreography faster–they’ve all come out the other side as a better performers.”

For some students, this will be their very last performance for Lincoln-Way. It will be hard to see them go. Their hard work and dedication has made color guard stand out as one of the best. Their example, leadership, and integrity has helped all incoming freshmen and underclassmen to become the best they can be. Ms. Kalivoda fondly says, “You are all amazingly resilient and we are so proud of you all. While you go off to college and conquer the world… remember YOU CAN do anything when you put in the hard work and stay optimistic when faced with adversity. Although it will be super sad to watch them go, we’re excited to see all they’ll accomplish in the next stage of their lives.”