Senior Stories: Nick Reyes


Rebekah Hafner

I had a conversation with Nick Reyes via email to talk to him about his high school experience and future plans. Nick is the senior class vice president and is involved in National Honor Society, Warrior Way, The West Gazette, Student Council, cross country, and track.

I started talking to Nick about what he was looking forward to after graduation. He told me that he is looking forward to going on a road trip with some friends after graduation and beginning his filmmaking journey. And he told me that he is looking forward to the new movie releases that will come out this year because he enjoys filming movie reviews on Snapchat for his friends and classmates. He then told me about his academic plans for after graduation. Nick is planning on going to college for film and screenwriting. His top choices for colleges are DePaul, Columbia College Chicago and he is waiting for a response from NYU.

We then started talking about high school. I asked him what he would miss about Lincoln-Way West. He replied, “I am definitely going to miss seeing all my classmates. I’ve known a lot of them since I was in first grade, and I feel like I can easily say ‘Hi’ to anyone in the hallway, but once I’m in college, it won’t be like that anymore. I’m also going to miss the cafeteria…when it was open 100 percent.” When I asked Nick about his favorite memories at West, he told me he always loves Homecoming Week. He said, “There is always a cross country meet in there, and I love dressing up for the theme days. Plus, the Olympics and the dance are always so fun!” I then asked Nick who is favorite teacher has been at West. He told me it is Mr. Cupp because, “He interacts with each student in such a comedic yet educating way. The way he does his job is something I really aspire to, and I hope to love my future jobs as much as he loves his. Some of my favorite classroom memories come from his class and I will always hold that near and dear with my heart.”

Because the COVID-19 pandemic, the rest of the school year remains uncertain. I asked Nick what he thought about it. His response was, “COVID has really hit everyone this year, but it really has hit the seniors in a harder way. No homecoming, no football games, no pep assemblies, and not being able to see everyone really does hurt.” He also told me that he appreciates the way our school has handled this year and all the changes it has brought. He commented that, “Whether it be on WebEx or in person, I feel that my teachers have been really kind with all these new adjustments and that’s something I’m really thankful for.” This year has been crazy, but our school has done an amazing job handling the pandemic.

I know that this year has been tough, but here’s to hoping for better times. Nick Reyes, I hope the rest of your senior year is amazing!