Maintaining Character amidst COVID


Aleah Keating

Scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These are the four pillars that the National Honor Society continues to demonstrate during a time of restrictions.

Coming into the second semester, many COVID-19 restrictions remain the same. It can be hard enough in remote/blended learning to feel like you’re keeping up academically, let alone to demonstrate the five pillars of character. National Honor Society adviser, Mrs. Jessi Miller, advises students to use self-discipline and self-motivation to achieve these successfully. With the alterations in our daily lives, she recommends having a specific spot at home where you “do school.” Setting up a physical place you can walk away from will give you a great physical place to work, as well as a mental break between school and other aspects of life.

Having a designated spot where you can focus on schoolwork, hopefully, away from distractions, will help not only with scholarship, but also character. She believes we can take time to adjust and take advantage of how we control the use of our time: “We all get distracted, but being able to create this school space will help you switch into school mode and focus on doing what you are expected to do. Character is doing what is right, even when no one is looking.”

Involvement in the community is one of the important aspects to NHS. This year brought challenges for students to be involved in activities and in the community. Students might ask themselves: “What is NHS planning this year?” or “What are we going to do this year?” Mrs. Miller states that, “While we can’t attend school events, NHS still plans on doing several drives this semester. We did a food drive last semester and recently completed a drive for personal hygiene products to support The Care Kit Foundation. NHS students also continue to have the Adopt-a-Neighbor option to complete as an activity, if they feel comfortable.”

With a positive outlook, Mrs. Miller says, “Service and leadership are a challenge right now, but look after one another. We all have good days and bad days, so check in on that friend or acquaintance and see how they are doing. Your message or call might be just what they need to turn their day around.”