Football is Here


Brogan Hayes

In an interview with junior Ryan Mitchell, we got an insight into the experience of spring 2021 varsity football at Lincoln-Way West. 

What position do you play on the team?

Running back

What are you most proud of in your football career?

Getting my speed up and sticking through the complications of playing this year

How does this year look differently for you?

The COVID-19 virus is just making everything confusing.

How do you think this season will be different?

I feel that it will be cut short and not as fun as it usually is.

What personal protective equipment do you wear when you’re working out? 

I wear wrist bands and different belts for heavy lift and band workouts too. We are required to wear face masks.

What are your strengths as a player?

My quickness and speed throughout the years has really improved.

What is the upcoming season going to look like in terms of COVID-19 restrictions? 

We will have 7 games or less and not as many teams that we’re going to play.

How have you stayed in shape during the off-season?

I go to Reclaim every day for about an hour and a half and try to eat healthy all the time.

What are your team’s goals for this season?

To try our best in every game and just stick through till the end of the year

Do you have a coach you find especially motivating and helpful?

The new coach this year, Coach Boseo, is a great coach on and off the field and is also a life coach as well.