10 Questions with Mrs. Quas


What made you want to become a teacher? What do you enjoy about the job?

Reading is one of my favorite activities, and I love that part of my job involves getting to do that! I enjoy being able to share books with students. There are so many meaningful life lessons that can be taken away from the novels we read.

If you could live a day inside the world of a novel, television show, or movie, what fiction would you live for a day and why?

It’s not fictional, but I think it would be extremely fun to be on Wheel of Fortune. We are obsessed with that show in my house.

What was your first job? What was it like?

I was a receptionist at the Frankfort Park District for many years in high school and college. My role mostly involved taking registrations, answering phones, etc., but one year I also had to dress up as the Easter Bunny for the Lunch with Bunny event. That was an interesting experience! (Side note, I also met my husband while working at that job–not the bunny event, but we both worked at the park district.  😊)

If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what song would play, and why?

Any type of Christmas song because they bring me so much joy

If you were going to pursue a job other than teaching, what job would you want to have and why?

I’d want to work in a library or bookstore. I’m a book nerd through and through.

What is something about yourself that you could brag about but generally don’t? 

I wrote a letter that included all of my thoughts about helping endangered animals and pollution to the President when I was little. I received a letter on official White House stationery and a signed photograph in return.

If someone could go back in time and open your high school locker, what would they find?

Wallet-sized pictures of my friends taped to the inside of the door

Also, someone else’s stuff–we used to have to share lockers in high school.

If a movie was made about your life, what actress would you want to play you?

Gal Gadot–She was fierce in Wonder Woman (1984).

What is a trend from when you were in high school that you thought was cool at the time but now just seems goofy?

Boys frosting the tips of their hair

If you could go back and give advice to your high school self, what would you tell her?

The people that you date will come and go, your true friends will last for your entire life.  Don’t lose sight of them.

I’d also include the advice that my dad gave to me in a letter that he wrote me on my 16th birthday: always trust your gut. If it tells you something is wrong, it is. If it tells you something is right, it is.