How This Pandemic Affected Me


Alexa Ramos

During this pandemic I think we can all agree that school and daily life has changed. For me, school has changed a lot: I am doing independent online learning this semester, and everything is quite different than I am used to. For starters, I do not have a teacher for all classes. I have a morning check-in with all the online freshmen students from West and Central. It lasts about five minutes, and then I am on my own learning schedule for the rest of the day. Because of this it is super important to stay motivated and on track. I will not lie; sometimes I do not want to do a day, or I end up behind, but it’s super crucial to keep staying motivated. One way I stay motivated is by waking up early and getting a head start on my dayI also do each class in a specific order that makes sense for me: classes I dislike first to classes I love last.

Another super important thing with all this social distancing is communicating with friends or family while being safe. For instance, all my friends attend in-person school but since I do not it is not always simple talking to or seeing themOne way I stay socially active is messaging friends and Face Timing whenever possible. Hanging out has been more limited with everything being closedStill, I occasionally will spend time with friends but we’re not a large groupSince the Acellus program is all online with no actual classroom, it is important for me to talk to others, so I do not become as isolated. 

In conclusion, life with COVID has sure been tough and new, but every day you get more use to the new routineStaying motivated can be hard but you just must find something that will help you stay on track and focused. Staying connected with the outside world can also be tiring while we are stuck inside, but adapting is something everyone can do to stay safe, healthy, and happy.