In This Together


Aleah Keating

In this year of odd times, the Lincoln-Way Marching Band withstood all obstacles while continuing the LWMB tradition using precautions for safety.

Saturday, October 10th the LWMB performed this year’s show In This Together. Although it was an unexpected season, the band members had laughs, worked hard, and put on a powerful performance. The band members spoke highly of the directors, tech, and staff’s perseverance to have a show this year. It was a good year for incoming first-year student as they learn fundamentals and make new friends. The seniors shared laughs, memories, and, most importantly, their time with the marching band together.

This year’s season brought new experiences, sorrows, and hardships. But also proved that in challenging times, as well as good times, we are all in this together.

This year’s show can be viewed here:

A short documentary about LWMB can be viewed here: