Senior Stories with Tara Gugliuzza


Rebekah Hafner

Tara Gugliuzza is a senior here at West. She is involved in the girls varsity basketball team, Student Council, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Warrior Way, and KJB. I talked with Tara about her experience in high school and what she is looking forward to this year.

The first question I asked her was about her life after graduation and what she is looking forward to. She said she is excited for the college experience and hopefully going into the medical field. I then asked her what she would miss most about West. She said, “Definitely all the spirit that everyone has here, and the football games, and obviously my friends too.” Tara also said her favorite memory at West was going to state with her basketball team last year, where the girls won second place. Reaching out to grasp those once in a lifetime opportunities is something I have continued to learn throughout high school. I asked Tara who her favorite teacher at West is. She said Mr. Glielmi because “He’s just really fun, and he let us do a lot of stuff in gym. It was just really fun in that class.”

Because of the spread of COVID-19, the school year looks a little different. I asked Tara how she thought it would affect her senior year. “It definitely effects everything we do normally at school,” she said. “But, honestly, it’s fine. Everybody can work around it, and I’m hoping that eventually we can get back to normal.” The faculty here at West have done their best to make the school year as safe as possibly so the students can learn in person. Finally, I asked Tara what she is looking forward to this year. “I’m looking forward to my basketball season, obviously, since it’s my last year here at West,” she told me. “And hopefully, if we can do football games in the spring, that would definitely be fun.” Even though this year is different, there are still ways to make it enjoyable.

Tara Gugliuzza, I wish you the best senior year.