Luck of the Warriors

Luck of the Warriors

Stella Coughlin & Cole Craven

March is here, which means St. Patrick’s Day is on its way. This holiday is associated with luck, and many people have their own lucky charms and rituals they use to help them daily. All types of people have superstitions, from your fellow students to celebrities.

Here are a few lucky rituals to get you in the spirit:

  • Student Payton Wright used to put a $5 bill in her batting glove while she was up to bat for good luck. Whenever she had it with her, she felt she always hit the ball.
  • Another student, Kailey White, always snaps twice and claps once before taking a test at school to bring her good luck.
  • And even one of your teachers, Mrs. Hilbert, had a lucky bandanna in high school when she was performing in plays and musicals.

And there are celebrities who have ideas on luck, too:

  • Taylor Swift loves the number thireen. She finds that whenever she sits in row 13, seat 13, section 13, or row M (the thirteenth number) at an award show, she always wins. Her birthday is also the 13th, and she turned thirteen on Friday the 13th. She also writes the number on her hand before every show for good luck.
  • Serena Williams has a ritual of always bouncing the tennis ball five times before her first serve, and two before her second.
  • Jennifer Aniston always steps with her right foot first and taps the side when boarding a plane. She always does it for luck to calm her nerves when flying.

The idea that luck is real is still debated to this day, and even if you don’t believe in it, it can be comforting to have a ritual you can rely on to make you feel better.