Dare to Lead

Warrior Way Leadership Program


Marissa Fabris

Being a Warrior Way Leader comes with a lot of responsibility. You have a lot of underclassmen looking up to you watching to see what you do. That being said, it is also very rewarding being a Warrior Way Leader. As a leader you get to make the first year of freshmen at West unforgettable. You get to show them everything West is about and how West is best.

I wanted to become a Warrior Way leader because I still remember my leaders from my freshmen year and how much they impacted me in such a positive way. They excited my freshmen advisory and prepared us for what was to come in the next four years. From teaching us the chants for the football games to telling us how the lunch lines in the cafeteria worked, my leaders really helped in every aspect they could. I wanted to give back and be there for the underclassmen like my leaders were for me. I wanted to help get the freshmen excited for high school and to realize there is nothing to be nervous about since everybody at West is very kind and welcoming.

Another perk of being a leader is that you get to instill the amazing school spirit we have here at West in the underclassmen so that after the seniors graduate, we know that the next grade of seniors will be keeping the school spirit alive. I remember my very first day of freshman year walking into school for the first time ever and getting handed my first orange t-shirt by the Warrior Way Leaders. Fast forward a couple years and now I was the one who was handing out the t-shirts to all the new faces. It is crazy how fast the time went by since I was with my leaders, and I still think about the advice they gave me and pass it along to the freshmen I shared an advisory with–and maybe one day when they are seniors they will share it with the freshmen in their advisories.

I believe in everything good getting passed down to the next generation of Warriors, from the helpful advice, to the school spirit that makes West so great. I highly suggest becoming a member of Warrior Way for unforgettable memories (like dancing at the homecoming assembly) and to help the underclassmen. Applications for Warrior Way are due by the end of the day March 12th.