Lincoln Way’s 5th Annual Psychology Bowl


Cooper Lyke

Psychology students of the three Lincoln-Way schools should be on the lookout for new review activities in preparation for the quickly approaching Advanced Placement Psychology exam. Luckily for these students, on Monday, April 20th at 4:30, Lincoln-Way West will be hosting a review competition in order for them to hone and sharpen their skills for the exam, all while allowing students to partake in a fun and competitive activity. Students will pay a small fee to participate, but will be welcome to a plethora of snacks and beverages while participating in a scholastic styled and guided review with their peers. AP Psychology teacher Mrs. Krippel stated, “There’s also a lot of snacks and pizza, and, of course, competition amongst the schools. There is a certain amount of bragging rights that come from the victory.” Students will be put into groups and allowed time to answer each question as a team, stealing when the previous team comes up short, until one team will receive the bobblehead prize, the Hoffman Cup traveling trophy.

Be sure to state your answer in the form of a question and enjoy the scholarly night of engrossing psych trivia!