Lincoln-Way Marching Band: The Back-to-Back State Champs

Aleah Keating & Abby Howard

Early in the morning on October 19, members of the Lincoln-Way Marching Band were up and ready for a long rehearsal before their performance at Illinois State University. Cold weather shifted into a cool mid-day when the band arrived at ISU. Excitement and adrenaline coursed throughout the members.

In prelims, LWMB won 2nd place in 6A with best music and best visuals. Among thirteen other bands, Lincoln-Way made it to finals. Taking the field in finals, the crowd roared with excitement, chanting “LINCOLN-WAY!” The field filled with life as the band performed with expression and feelings. After a breath-taking performance, the band sat in the stands awaiting the awards ceremony.

The air was tense as the announcer left a cliffhanger for announcing second place. Lockport was announced second,  and that was when the stands filled with screams of joy as the announcer then announced Lincoln-Way won first with a score of 88.150. The members were hollering with elation, jumping on the stands, and crying tears of joy.

Our five drum majors walked towards the stands with the championship trophy. Everyone huddled on the stands, taking a group photo with the trophy we get to proudly keep for another year. Hand in hand, the LWMB sang The Alma Mater with wide smiles. On the way back to West, the band was greeted with a police escort for the state win. Cars were honking and parents were outside cheering. Drum Major Maddison Tomaszewksi said, “I was nervous, but once we started performing, I couldn’t stop smiling knowing that this was the best we’ve ever done.”

That night marked an important milestone for Lincoln-Way. State Champions of 2018 and 2019.