IHSA Advisory Committee


Johnny Latek

The IHSA Student Advisory Committee is made up of student athletes from around the state of Illinois and was hand-picked from the previous leaders to represent their school and district. There are not many people on the committee, and that’s what makes it so special. The purpose of the committee is not just to learn more about leadership but to also show other student athletes what different qualities a leader has.

I have grown a lot from this experience because I have met many new members and friends and talked to them about how much it means to be an IHSA SAC member. I learned so much about IHSA sports and what it takes to do what’s right. I’ve gained so much from this amazing experience and have talked to many different people who have overcome adversity and who have become leaders in life and not just sports. They have taught me that sports aren’t everything, and to expand the way I look at life. They have taught me that there are going to be bumps in the road but if I stick to hard work and stay true to myself there is nothing that can stop me.