FCA: Connecting Students around the District

Jocelynn Neumayer

Do you ever wish you could meet new Christians, or are you simply looking for something to be involved in at school? Have you been looking for something to make a good start to your week? Make your way over to FCA! FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, although you do not have to be Christian or an athlete to take part in any of the meetings.

FCA is a student-run club that even invites students to join in fellowship every other Monday throughout the year. There’s no need to sign up in advance, just show up! FCA creates an opportunity to connect with Christians and make new friends while enjoying games, a lesson written by one of the leaders, small group discussions, prayer, and,  of course, snacks!

There are aspects that make some FCA nights special, like themes and joining with other schools. For example, Fruitapalooza is one of the most popular nights, as there is real-life fruit ninja, fruity snacks, and a “Fruit of the Spirit” message. There are meetings throughout the year with all three Lincoln-Way schools, and it’s a great way to interact with other students in the district.

Follow FCA on Instagram @lwwestfca, and stay updated about upcoming meetings and events.