10 Questions with Mrs. Biesen

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  1. Why do you think it’s valuable for students to read for pleasure?
    I think it’s important for students to read for pleasure because it allows them an escape from their world. Reading sparks creativity, too.
  2. What is your favorite book?
    That is a DIFFICULT question, but I’m going to say the Harry Potter series. If I had to choose ONE, I would say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  3. If you could live in the world of one book for a week, what book would you live in and why?
    Is it wrong for me to say Hogwarts? Because HOGWARTS. Being a muggle can be difficult some days, so I’d love to be a witch for a week and have access to magic.
  4. If you became invisible for 10 minutes, what would you do?
    I would go watch my son at preschool to see how he does with circle time and learning, in his ‘natural habitat,’ and he wouldn’t be distracted by me being there.
  5. What one invention would you uninvent and why?
    I hate to say this, but all forms of social media. I know it was created with the intent to bring people together and keep in touch, but I also feel it has the opposite the effect. Social media can really make people feel isolated and alone. I feel we are losing the ability to communicate in person, because of the easy access to social media on our phones, too.
  6. What movie made before the year 2000 should all LWW students make it a priority to see?
    It’s a Wonderful Life–It has so many great life lessons, and it’s a classic!
  7. If you were to have a job other than teaching, what career would you be interested in pursuing? Why?
    I would love to work as a Photopass photographer at Walt Disney World. I love taking pictures, and my happy place is Disney, so it is a perfect fit. There is nothing like that Disney magic–I would love to see that magic on a daily basis.
  8. Would you rather be a master at every musical instrument or fluent in every language in the world?
    One of my life goals is to be bilingual, so I’d LOVE to be fluent in every language in the world.
  9. If you could give one piece of advice to your high school self, what would that advice be?
    Getting a B is OKAY, and it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.
  10. If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what song would it be and why?
    Another tricky question…but I would pick “Wait for It” from Hamilton. I just love the message–you are in control of YOUR LIFE, not anyone else’s.