Why is everyone so excited for fall?

Lily Sytsma, Staff Reporter

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Summer is over and school has started again. That can only mean one thing… it’s finally fall. So why does everyone love fall so much? I decided to investigate. Here are some of West’s fall favorites:

“Carving pumpkins and going to haunted houses.”

-Junior Bailey Storako

“Pass out candy to the trick or treaters.”

-Mrs. Walder

“Sweaters and seeing the leaves change colors.”

-Junior Jessa Simon

“The nice, calming weather. It’s not too hot or too cold.”

-Senior Will Best

“Football season and apple picking.”

-Mr. Glynn

“Seeing all the leaves change colors and the temperature is perfect.”

-Freshman Juliana Zuniga

“Playing soccer.”

-Sophomore Brady Forsythe

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