9 Questions with Mrs. Ende


What made you want to become a teacher? ​What do you enjoy about the job?
I became a teacher because I enjoy working with students, and I wanted to coach softball. ​I love seeing the “light bulb go off” when kids understand a topic.  I also enjoy getting to know my students.

What do you love about math? Why do you think it’s important for students study it? 
​I love that there are many ways to come to an answer and the different ways math makes you think.   ​Math is used every day.  You won’t necessarily solve an equation in your everyday life, but you will use the problem-solving aspect daily.​

What was your first job? ​What was it like?
My first job was at Nancy’s Pizza in Tinley Park. ​I was a cashier and dish washer.  I hated washing the dishes.

If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what song would play and why? 
“Enter Sandman” by Metallica because it was my walk-up song in college and it just pumps me up

If you were going to pursue a job other than teaching, what job would you want to have and why?​
I have always wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon because sports injuries have always fascinated me.

Do you wish life had a rewind, pause, or fast-forward button? Why?
A pause button–My boys are at a fun age (7 and 3).  I feel as if they are growing up way too fast.

If someone could go back in time and open your high school locker, what would they find?  ​
My books, random friends’ books (we all shared lockers), pictures from all of our dances, and my lunch

What do you think you’ll most remember from the COVID-19 pandemic and tell your grandchildren about?
I think I will remember how crazy people were about toilet paper. 🙂

If you could go back and give advice to your high school self, what would you tell her?  ​
Enjoy every little moment because it goes very fast.