Is the New iPhone 11 Pro Worth it?

Abby Howard

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The new iPhone 11 Pro has caused quite the stir recently, not only over the high price tag, but also over the newest features. The hefty price tag of $999.99 was very surprising to most people considering the design of the phone isn’t that different from the prior design. One of the most distinctive differences is the triple camera. The frame of the pictures is dramatically increased, making it equivalent to most professional-grade cameras. Are you worried about your battery life? The new iPhone has an extended battery life, which would keep you running pretty much all day. Screen durability is a quality Apple improved on their phones with a single sheet of glass and a dual-ion exchange for extra protection. Strength was a priority, but bulkiness was a problem that needed to be resolved. Although the phone is very pricey, it has many new interesting features which would be worth trying out.